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Today's outfit is a fun one, and one that I could totally see myself wearing to a Christmas or Holiday party.  I fell in love with this soft jacket the minute I saw it on the thrift store rack!  It had brand new tags still hanging from it and it's 100% real leather, so they did kind of up the price a little.  But I knew I would wear it a TON, so it's totally worth the twenty dollars I spent on it!

Black leather jacket:  $20
Houndstooth shirt:  $6
Black pants:  Previously owned
Black boots:  $5
Anyone excited for Thanksgiving break? 
We are!
What is more fun than spending a holiday with your family, some good food, pies, mashed potatoes, games, elephant gift exchanges, and Rick would add, football?
I will not be shopping on Black Friday this year.   Instead we will be getting ourselves as far away as we can from crowds of people -- and that's right where we like to be.
Call us introverts, but we will be shopping online, in the mountains, out for walks, curled up in blankets watching Christmas movies.... 
and that's right where we want to be. 
Here's to kicking off a great holiday weekend, however makes you happy!

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