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Family Home Evening - Retirement Home #2 and Becoming Children Of Light

I've been terrible about not posting our FHE's lately, but here is one from last week.  I keep thinking I will catch up as soon as school starts.  :)
Seems like we've had lots of experience lately with the retirement home, but I wouldn't even think about being bothered by that!  It's such a treat to spend time with those older women, to learn about them, and to enjoy each of their individual personalities.

We always come away with happy hearts, the kids included.

The theme for our FHE lesson I chose was "Children of Light" after being so inspired by a good friend who taught a Relief Society lesson about it.

Here is the outline:

Song :  Teach Me To Walk In The Light - (Sheylee led the music)

Prayer :  (Calli)

Welcome :  (Rick introduced our family again.)

Object Lesson :  (Me)  I had arranged with the nurse helper lady to darken the room by turning off the lights.  With my Iphone, I turned the flashlight feature on and asked the question, "When it is very dark, where do your eyes automatically go?  (to the light)  We discussed how even if the light is very small, our eyes go right to the light.  As in life, when things get dark, our nature is to look to the Light, or Jesus Christ to help us find our way, and as we do this we become Children of Light by rejecting the adversary and choosing daily to follow the Light of Christ.  

Scripture :  1 Thessalonians 5:5-8...

Rick had the story, and told about a time when Kash was a good example of choosing to follow the Light of Christ when he was trying to qualify for a golf tournament and was faced with a very big decision when nobody was around.  He had hit the wrong ball, which is a two stroke penalty.  Nobody knew that he had hit the wrong ball and he could have kept it a secret, or he could be honest about what happened, take the 2 stroke penalty, and likely not qualify for the tournament.  He made the right decision and ended up in a shoot out with another guy for the final qualifying position.  In the end he still qualified and could play in the tournament with his head held high, knowing he earned the position honestly. 

(You could use any personal story about a time when you, someone in your family, or someone you know followed the Light of Christ during a trying or difficult time.)  

Here is a great quote from Elder Craig C. Christensen:
 The phrase “children of light” describes a people in whom the light of the gospel shines brightly. It describes a people who seek the light and are drawn to that which is virtuous, clean, and pure. There is an expectation that children of light are alert and watchful—not sleeping, in a spiritual sense, when they should be awake (see 2 Nephi 1:13; 1 Thessalonians 5:5–8). Children of light do not sit passively in darkness; they have the courage to stand up and stand out. When the adversary comes looming, children of light know when to fight back, when to say no, and when to simply walk away.

Of course we took refreshments with us, because whats family night without refreshments?!  It happened to be National Chocolate Chip Day - (oh yeah, it's a real thing!) - so naturally we made these Chocolate chip cookies to take and share with all of them there! 

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