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Warning: For Ladies Only!


When you make a title like that, I wonder if there are any men checking in just to see what's up! ;)
If there are any that had to sneak a peak, pretty sure they won't stick around long!

One day I'll be a "big girl" and not have to deal with this, but until then,
I have looked all over for ways to make living with it a little easier.  Show your body a little love and feed it those things that will keep yourself stable and your body functioning optimally.   Here is a simplified list of things you should be eating (and drinking!) to help you sail through that time of the month:

13 Things You Should Eat During Your Period

  1. Iron Fortified cereal/ lean red meat- Replenishes iron from blood loss.  Can include liver, but who really eats that?
  2. Water - Replenishes fluids, and is a much better choice for your body's all around health than diet sodas, girlfriends!  Important, important, important!
  3. Add lemon or lime to the water you drink - Citrus helps control bloating.
  4. Calcium - A woman whose diet is high in calcium (supplements included) experience less cramping, bloating, and headaches before and during their period, than women who are calcium deficient. 
  5. Salmon and tuna - The vitamin D in salmon helps with cramps and mood swings; 3 ounces of salmon delivers 530 IU's, but I say go outside!  Sunshine delivers far more IU's of vitamin D!  (see THIS post)
  6. Flax seed - Helps to reduce cramps.  Add them to your breakfast smoothie
  7. Leafy greens - Spinach, kale, and swiss chard are high in iron and calcium.  Don't like them?  Throw them into your smoothie too!
  8. Bananas - Boosts your mood and helps to regulate bowels for those women who experience diarrhea during their period.
  9. Raw nuts and seeds - That's raw, not salted and candy coated or it will cause you to retain water.  Pumpkin seeds are high in Vit C, which is good for the reproductive system.
  10. Fruit - Craving sweets?  Instead, opt for the natural sweetness of fruit, you won't regret it later.  
  11. Whole grains - They won't spike your insulin levels, help you feel fuller longer avoiding overeating and giving into every craving.  
  12. Omega 3 fats from fish oil or capsules - Women with low intake of omega 3's have more painful periods.  Lastly, my personal favorite...
  13. Dark chocolate - The antioxidants in chocolate is linked to boosting serotonin levels which improve your mood and will satisfy cravings.  Go ahead and indulge, but don't overdo! 

Looks a lot like the way we are supposed to be eating everyday, doesn't it?  
Here's to better health, especially during those few cherished days of the month!


Image credit: konradbak / 123RF Stock Photo

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