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I've only ever met him once before.  He is a friend of my little brother. But he recognized me the minute he saw me walking into Walmart!  After a 20 questions guessing game of who he was, he asked my help in picking out a shower rod.  With the shower rod in his cart, and a new set of shower rings, (some guys don't think of these things) he then followed me around the store as I checked my list off one by one. He was very entertaining and kept me laughing through the whole store.  I've NEVER had a more pleasant time shopping in Walmart!  EVER!!

As fun as that was, it was even more fun to find out later that I made $3.85 on that little trip!

Have you all heard of the Walmart Savings Catcher app that automatically price matches anything you buy???  You download it onto your phone and scan your receipt, then it price matches with all the stores in your area to see if anything that you bought happened to be on sale somewhere else.  Then it stores that amount on an E-gift card that you can either save up until it accumulates, or use it right away, in store or online.  I LOVE IT!!!
I just printed mine out for $63.23 and will take it with me on my next Walmart shopping day. 
 It's like free money!
Or comparison shopping without all the work!

Anyway, there you go.  Your shopping tip for the day. :)

**Today I'm thankful for fun people who make this big world a happier place! 

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