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Have you done your exercises today?
Have you made New Year's Resolutions regarding your fitness?
Do you have a plan?

Don't smack me when I tell you I can answer all those with a resolute "YES."
Now, I know we haven't even left January, and talk to me in June, it might be a whole different story but for now I'm committed.  I am working on building muscle, preventing bone loss, tightening a few areas, and improving my energy because bless my soul, I am aging.  And you wanna know the new anti aging pill?  It's strength training!  

So....... I have plenty of free weights and exercise videos, but the one thing that I haven't had is a good set of ankle weights.  After a little looking on the web, and reading some Dr.'s advice, I have a brand new set here at home!

 All Pro Ankle Weights

These are serious ankle weights, none of that sissy stuff. And when I say "serious" I mean they are 20 lbs EACH!  (Adjustable thank heavens!!)  You don't mess with these babies, and start off small.  I'm only using 5 lbs on each leg right now, but I can see that I will probably up that a pound by next week. 
Ohhh my little glutes and thighs are in for it!!! 

Today I am so grateful for a body that functions like it should, and one that I can challenge and take good care of, so that I can carry out my duties and responsibilities as a mother.
  Like a boss. ;)

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