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If you follow my social media, you know that being able to skype my boys in Chicago and South Korea was the best thing about Christmas for me!

To see my handsome boys face to face and talk with them is better than anything I can think of!

Seeing Sam was so much fun!  He's been out over a year.

 It was sheer joy.  Man, I love him!

But seeing Kash was emotional for me.  He's only been out a few months.  I'm not as comfortable with him being out as I am with Sam, yet.  Having said that, seeing him also was so much fun!  Hearing him speak to us in Korean was amazing!  

He even gave us a little lesson.  :)  

Today this mother's heart is so grateful for modern technology that brings our family together in the same room for Christmas, even though we may be a half a world away! 

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