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With today being the last day of school for the little ones, I took full advantage and finished up some projects while they were gone.  The quiet of my house filled my soul.  It relaxed me.

  I didn't even turn on Christmas music.  I figured we will be listening to that for the next week, so I just kept the house hushed.  

It's probably the last time I'll have peace and serenity and time for only me, until after the New Year.
And when I say "time for me"  I mean "time to finish up everything for everybody else."

That's what we mom's do, right?

Let me just veer off track for a minute and why don't you have a gander at these darling leggings my sweet friend got me for Christmas?!?  LOVE THEM! 

Back on track.  Here come the kiddos.

*Today I'm grateful for a peaceful and completely silent house.  But at the same time, looking forward to the next couple of weeks and all the laughter and noise of having the family home for the holidays!

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