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It was nothing like Thanksgivings that I know and love.  It was small and it was quiet, which for me coming from a family of 7 other siblings, was quite a change! 
But having said that, it probably ranks right up there as one of my favorites and most memorable!  Not because we played games, went sleigh riding, or lined the counter with 8 different kinds of pies, that describes a past favorite.  But this year we stole away into the mountains with just our little family, Rick and I and the two little ones.   

Shey joined us for one night, we cooked our turkey with all the trimmings, we baked our store bought Marie Calendars pumpkin pie, and we braved subzero temperatures to get to the swimming pool. 

And when I say subzero, I mean probably 30 degrees. 

And when I say swimming pool, I mean hot tub.

For some reason that doesn't sound all that fun, right?  I know!  But I'm telling you, I found myself saying often..... "Isn't this fun?"  and "I am loving this!"

We got our first real snow of the season.

It was quiet.
It was simple.
But it was simply wonderful!


 There was no way we were missing Survivor just because we were off in the mountains, but we had to watch it old fashioned style - with no pause - running for popcorn and drinks on the commercials!

The wintry lake was absolutely majestic! 

 While we were there, we watched some crazies take the Polar Plunge in the icy water!  I couldn't help but think how different it was from our summer trips.  

We played games, we ate good food, we took naps, like the rest of America I'm sure, but something about our little crowd was so extremely relaxing and nice.  
It was probably the smallest Thanksgiving crowd we will ever have!

One to remember.
And without the big boys, leftovers are hanging around forever!!

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