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I love to follow fashion bloggers. 
I have several who are my favorites, who I get inspiration and ideas from weekly. 
I have noticed they all have certain things in common that make them so great, so I thought I'd share some of them here.

How to be a fashion blogger.  By Cammi.

1.  Never look at the camera. 

 2.  If you are going to smile, make it subtle.  Demure.

 3.  Watch your posture.  

 4.  Focus on restraint, always thinking of the image you will convey.

5.  Study good form.  Learn how to pose gracefully for great pictures.

6.  Hair is important.  
You don't want to look as though you have a growth coming out the right side of your head.

 7.  Always be aware of the camera.  Put your best face forward, "love the camera" in photographer's terms.

8.  Be fashionable, always wearing what says "Now"  and "Current." 

 9.  Lastly, be flawless and feminine.

My friends, you're welcome.
And have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Norstrom cardigan:  $6
J Crew button up:  $8
White pants:  Previously owned
Red shoes:  Free, from Shey's pile to be thrifted


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