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So happy to start the day this morning with an email from my son saying he made it to Korea!  It will be fun to think about him going to bed, while we are waking up.  Wow.  His adventure begins now!


Don't you just love a good photograph in front of an old dilapidated building?
We do!
So we took a bunch of pics here! 
This outfit is a fun one and my favorite part is a toss up between the wide striped cardigan and the cool Americana scarf!  Love how it's more red, "beige" and blue.  The only thing is, it's not completely thrifted, as the pants and shoes were bought in TJ Maxx awhile ago.  
One thing about my thrift shopping.... I've always found it hard to find thrifted pants.  So jeans, slacks, leggings, and pants are one thing that I will spend the money on, when I find things that fit me really well.  

Have an enjoyable day!
It's sure getting cold around here!

Striped cardigan: $7
Black t shirt: $5 previously owned
America scarf: $5

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