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I sure miss them.

I miss their presence in the house.
I miss being able to feed their hungry appetites.
I miss hearing the bass bumpin' from a half mile away as they would come home.
I miss their humor, the way they would feed off each other and laugh hysterically!
I miss laughing with them.  

But ya know what I don't really miss?
The extra laundry.
Having to buy seven gallons of milk each week.
Making lunches every day.
Aaaaaaand....check it out, I've adopted their jackets!

I've been thinking about getting myself a nice, big "man jacket" to walk the dog in, so now, not only do I carry my boys in my heart, but around my shoulders as well!


Will you just have an extra long look at this heavenly place we call home?

Feeling blessed. 

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