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Ok, I can't move into all things Fall until I've documented the rest of our summer.  I'm just a little OCD that way.  

I haven't planted a garden since grasshoppers devoured my bean plants two years ago, and didn't care until last summer when everyone else was getting fresh beans, fresh tomatoes, and fresh corn and I was getting nothing but zucchini handouts.  
Not that I didn't LOVE those zucchini handouts.  ;)

This year I was determined, and it paid off!

I love walking out through my garden that overlooks our little town, in the cool morning hours before the sun has come over our little hill.  It's like a treasure hunt every morning! One of my favorite moments this summer was when the kitty would come perch on my back while I was bent over picking beans.  (((((LOVE HIM)))))

Finding big clumps of beans is like a precious reward for all that planting, watering, and weeding.

I gathered up the family, put in a good movie, and they were happy to sit and snap beans for me.

 Movie of choice today:  Ghostbusters!

Yay for home bottled beans for the winter! 
See how I bottle beans HERE.

What I learned:

I have one happy husband when I bottle our beans.  He can tell a difference between home bottled and store bought, and he loves these.  Worth.  All.  The work. 

It feels good knowing how to provide for my family, if ever I couldn't get these from the store.

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