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A Surprise For the Missionary

This is the first Easter that our family will be apart, and I wanted to make it extra special for the one who is away.

What says "extra special" better than a Rocky Road Easter Egg??  These are a coveted family treat and I love that my sweet Grammy began the tradition for us so many years ago. 

Read about the first time I made one for her, and also the recipe back HERE. 

I threw one of these in his box along with a few peeps, some lifesaver jelly beans, and a copy of 
11 Can't Miss Tips for Successful Missionaries.
You could also send along this awesome Atonement Advent Calendar I found on pinterest!  I didn't see this early enough to get it to him in time for an advent calendar, but I loved the prophet's quotes so much that I printed off my favorites and sent them to him.  

Make your own rocky road egg with my Grammy's recipe HERE.

Happy Easter everyone!

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