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A Wedding, a New Friend, and an Old Video

 Oh my, I need to catch up!
We had the great pleasure of attending the wedding of some dear friends last month, one of them being Rick's cousin.  It just so happens that they are the most adorable couple in all the land.
We love them so much!

Any day at the Temple is a good day, but this one was particularly beautiful!

Those smiles could not be happier!!!
These are two amazing people I tell you.  I just want to hang out with them daily.  Not sure how they would feel about that, but I would LOVE IT!

You can't tell from looking at this photo, but it was a very cold day!   I had my coat on and was feeling so sorry for the sweet bride in her short sleeved dress!  It was a "couldn't control the teeth chatter" kind of cold.
Seriously cold. 

I just love this picture of these two friends slash cousins!  They have quite a bond.  We could NOT be happier for this handsome guy.

After picture taking, we had some time before we needed to be at the dinner and reception, so I suggested that we go drive down my old street that I grew up on yeeeeaaarrss ago.  I've only done this a handful of times, so I don't pass up the opportunity when I'm in the area!  The sign on this street may as well read "Memory Lane" because that is exactly what it's like for me!   I told Rick to drive reeeeeally slowly as I named each friends' house that grew up with me on this street.
So many memories came flooding back to me, everything from collecting "human" bones from the ditch, to writing on the fence with mom's Avon lipstick samples, to making dams in the water running down the gutter with my sisters. 

But this house makes me particularly happy, it's the home of my best friend, where I spent lots and lots of time!
Still love her, even though we haven't seen each other since our teenage years.  (In person, I should say.)

I lived on this road until I was 10 years old and then our family moved away.  I remember coming back to visit 3 years later and went to school with my dear friend and got to go to her classes with her which was so much fun!  I remember that in the living room of my friends' house was where I first heard the song "Let's Hang On" by Barry Manilow! 
Ahh the memories! Well here....  lets have a listen...

Well now that just made me smile - HAHAHA!
Back to the story..

As I was passing our old house, I had my camera ready to take pictures, but had to wait until we passed a young woman pushing her stroller along the sidewalk in front of the house... I didn't want to seem creepy by hanging out the window and taking pictures.

I told Rick to
 "stop the truck!"
while I stared and snapped away,  then I noticed the young woman with the stroller walking up to the front door!  Wait, she lived there??
  Two things went through my head.
1.  Oh my gosh, she's going to think I'm creepy for taking pictures of her house!!!
2.  This girl lives in my old house!!!
I couldn't help myself and said to Rick
 "hold on!"
and jumped out of the truck.
I introduced myself, told her I grew up in that house, and asked forgiveness for being creepy and taking pictures and assured her I'm not a psycho.  As we spoke, she informed me that she grew up on this same street but further down, so I must have known her family, but was too young to remember. What a great visit we had, it was so fun to talk with her about my old house.  I consider us friends now! She politely told me that she would invite me inside to see it, but I have been told not to go into your old houses, because it ruins your memories of the way it used to be.  Not only that, I would never want to impose on a young mother that way! 

 We are now Facebook friends. :)
If the day was a hot fudge sundae, meeting her was the cherry on top!
So very great.
My feelings in a selfie after hopping back in the truck:

The rest of the afternoon and evening were absolutely beautiful.
So thankful for old friends, new friends, and family.

The reception was held in a gorgeous greenhouse.
A very tender moment, when this sweet man read a letter from the groom's father who could not be in attendance. 

Just before leaving, I happened upon the bride's dressing room and couldn't help muh-self.

I could relive this day all over again!

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