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Living Room Reveal

I almost feel silly calling these posts a "reveal" because I am not an interior designer with any kind of amazing skill.  These room reveals of mine are not decked out with brand new furniture, rugs, and perfectly arranged accessories.   They are not beautifully and professionally decorated with savvy style.  This is where 7 of us feel comfortable, we relax, we play, we sometimes fight, we laugh, we cry, we make memories, this home is our life.

It has changed in ways over the years, but has also remained very much the same as our busy lives have carried on day after day.  In my mind I envision a video of my home in fast forward mode, with people coming and going, sun rising and setting, and all the while my home standing still as can be, aging, settling, cracking in places, but being there as a supportive backdrop for every minute of our hurried lives.

So for me, it IS kind of a "reveal" to now have the time to begin making changes, updating, modernizing, refreshing, even just in small ways, and showing it some love after so many years of sheltering us.

BLAH BLAH BLAH....... I know, OK!  Let's get to it!

Our living room before...

...now after:

 I just have to say, it's probably my favorite update so far!  I can't believe how happy this little change makes me, it just feels different in this room.  It's brighter, it's happier, and it seems larger in person!

 Ahhhhhh... I'm so happy to be getting rid of the reds and golds!  Still have lots of plans for this living room, but I'd say it's off to a good start!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!!

For more details on this project click HERE.

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