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3 Pomegranate Smoothies For Winter

  It's pomegranate season!!!
Who doesn't love these little gems and how good they are for you!
Look at this list of health benefits from Dr. Fuhrman: 

Health Benefits of the Pomegranate
Many studies show that the pomegranate is one of the most powerful, nutrient dense foods for overall good health. These clinical findings clearly show a correlation between pomegranate compounds and their positive effect on both human and animal cardiovascular, nervous, and skeletal health. This is one fruit that you can't afford to exclude from your diet!

 Don't you love how these show up just in time for winter and the cold/flu season?  Mother nature knows what she is doing, I tell ya!

So, how about some "pomegranate love" in the form of smoothies this winter?  Here are 3 that are calling my name:

1.  Winter Fruit Protein Smoothie  
from the Balance Bar Website
Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.

2.  Pomegranate Banana Smoothie     
From the Slow Roasted Italian

1 banana, frozen in pieces (at least 1 hour)
½ cup ice
3/8 cup  non fat, plain yogurt
¾ cup fresh pomegranate juice (seeds can be included, if you choose)
Blend, serve, enjoy!!!



3. Sleepy Berry Fiberlicious Smoothie

Gluten free – optional Dairy free and Vegan - Recipe from Feastie.com

With over 8g of fiber and 15g of protein, this thick and delicious smoothie will give you just the kick you need to jump start your morning. Allow the ingredients to soak overnight for a pre-made quick and easy breakfast. Throw in the blender, and go! 











* Almond milk could replace the juice to lower sugars
* This smoothie can be made vegan and dairy free by using a non-dairy yogurt


To be made the night before you plan on eating it, or at least 4 hours in advance so the chia seeds can soak up the liquid.
  1. Combine all ingredients but mixed berries in a glass container [I used a 500mL mason jar]. Seal with lid, shake to combine and place in the fridge overnight.
  2. In the morning, pour the contents of the container into your blender, add berries, and pulse until smooth.
  3. Enjoy!
Copyright: canadapanda / 123RF Stock Photo

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