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Plans For The Stairway

I've been SO inspired by the many pictures of rooms with wall planks that I knew I had to do it in my home somewhere!  I just love the classy textured look it gives a wall when it's all painted white.  
A few that I am in LOVE with:





After seeing all those beautiful photographs of perfectly decorated, sophisticated homes, let's take a little look at mine, haha...

So here's the plan.

I'm planking my stairway.
Think it needs a little update?

Ignore the random empty frame...It was in my way while I was deciding whether to keep it or not, so I hung it on an existing screw...
and there it stayed. :)

The picture below captures the "beauty" of the different colors in this particular area!


I need the carpet to stick around for awhile longer, but I'm sure changing the walls will make a big change!

The Tricky Part:

How to reach the top of this red wall over this U shaped stairway?
Hope I don't break a bone as I scale up and down ladders!
But what the heck? I can operate a miter saw and a nail gun....ladders don't scare me anymore...

Change is a good thing.... especially here!

Check back for updated photos of this fun little project!

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