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Cub Scout Invitations for the Veterans Dinner

Any know what a juggernaut is?
I didn't know, that is until I became a den leader for the cub scouts.  Now I'm in "the know," and I'm a very cool leader when I bring them to drink at our den meetings.
I also know pretty much everything about Minecraft.
Scouts are so informative!

Our den was in charge of making invitations for the upcoming 
Dinner for the Veterens.

So I looked for some invitation ideas via pinterest and found some really cute ones that I thought would work well for the scouts to make.  I loved them so much that I didn't look any further!
I found them HERE

Here's how mine turned out.  Same basic idea, different supplies.

Here is what I used:

All of which I got at Hobby Lobby.

I wanted these cute boys to write a little something inside, once the card was made.

One in particular made me smile...

Let's just have a closer look at that...

All the other scouts drew big smiley faces....

Juggernauts and airplanes dropping bombs.  :)

Brought to you by my favorite Bear den. 

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