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6 Meals To Eat After Halloween

 Halloween is SO much fun, but boy does it pull a nasty trick on us! 
I'm extra conscious about all the sugar intake that my kids get, so I've done a little research and thought I'd pass it along. 

I was particularly wondering what are the best foods to eat after Halloween.  
I found lots of good advice and learned that protein rich foods are a great way to stabilize blood sugar, and that it is wise to combine the protein with fiber rich foods. It also fills you up so you have less cravings for the bad stuff.

I put together a list of a few meals that follow this advice that I will be serving my own family in the coming week, and thought I'd share in case others would like.  :)

Meals That Counteract The Halloween Sugar

That should get us through the next week or two and bring the kids back down to planet earth.
Here's to healthy eating starting NOW!!

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