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Half Bath In Progress...

The project is coming along nicely, except I would like to know, who is the little elf that prints the instructions on this wallpaper???
Can you see it?

I mean what the heck?

I had to grab the granny glasses to make any sense out of it!
But so far so good, I'm liking how easy it went up and have given it a good coating of white paint.  

While it was  drying I tackled the cabinet doors.

Removed the doors and knobs..

..and filled in a hole on each cabinet with wood filler, because I'm going with knobs that only require only one hole.

I used Wood Filler in Golden Oak that I got at Lowes. 

But really???

I painted the cabinets with Valspar paint from Lowe's in the color Betsy Ross House Brown in a soft gloss finish.

With these crystal knobs.

I found plenty of trim leftover from 17 years ago to trim out the window and the walls!  That's always nice to save a little money there!

What's that?  Oh, you want to see a bigger view of that baby of mine?

Isn't she lovely?  I'm having a blast with her!  
Check back on Monday to see the trim and the finished project! 


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