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Labor Day 2014

One of the things I love about living where we do, is the fact that there is a canyon right up the road from us.  It's close enough that we can head up after school any given day, or the kids can take off in the evening and go hammock, or we can throw together some tin foil dinners and have a cookout in the mountains whenever we want.  
Which is precisely what we did on Labor Day!
 It only takes about 10 minutes to get up the windy canyon and into the cool mountain air, and there is our favorite camp spot right next to the creek, where the kids like to play.

Once you get across the creek, there is the neatest little fort that looks like it's straight out of Lord of the Rings, or the Hobbit, or something like that I'm imagining, because I've never seen either of the two movies..

The perfect place for two little bandits to hide.

You didn't even know they were in the first picture, did you!

Kade asked if he could take a picture, I said "sure" and handed it to him,  Check out his artistic photography.  :)

Oh,  I love those little feet on that log!

Our good friend and professional photographer was spending the afternoon with us.  I was trying to get a really great closeup shot of a cute little flower, with my basic, run of the mill camera, while he stood watching me, I'm sure in utter disgrace.  I took one, deleted it, took another, deleted it, fiddled with it for 3 or 4 minutes and deleted ALL, then finally gave up, when he told me to move over about 6 inches and take a picture of this:

Effortlessly beautiful!  
Far more beautiful and interesting than the little flower I was trying to shoot!
Good photography takes a keen eye, I tell you!
Back at camp, Rick was taking his job as Tinfoil Dinner cooker very seriously..

 Do you see them all lined up like neat little piggies on that fire?
He's the best.  

And what's a cookout up the canyon without hammocks?
These two will tell you.

We look like gangstas up in hea with the shoes tied to the wires...

So cozy all snuggled in... it's her happy place. :)

The olders let the youngers have a turn, now they are saving their money up to buy their very own.

After a delicious tinfoil dinner and some of my favorite grape salad, we sat around the fire doing what everyone does around a fire.... we cooked little bottle caps and pennies, smashing them rocks with rocks into flat little discs - o - fun.  

As much fun as THAT was, I  tore myself away and went to lounge in an empty hammock. 

It was a nice relaxing day, and we thoroughly enjoyed our last cookout of the year!


 Especially when Rick went to grab his sweatshirt and zipped it up before he realized it was mine!
Ha!  Look at that cute figure...

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