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5 Letters To Send In Your Missionary's Luggage


Before Sam left for the MTC,  I had been thinking that I would write a little note and hide it in his luggage for him to find later, just a little something special from me.  Then I came across THIS post and got all giddy inside!  Because it combines a special little note along with some PURPOSE and I just love the idea.  I had to do it, thank you TAMI PYPER!
I'm sure you could get really creative with these and make them all cute, but I just went the simple lined paper and envelope route.  ;)

The letters are to be opened at different times throughout the mission.  At the top of each letter is a corresponding scripture or thought,  followed by my own personal thoughts and advice that are specific to him, and each one signed "Love Mom and Dad." 
(because Dad will sign anything that I ask him to....)



Actually there is a 6th letter...
but I didn't send it in his luggage. This letter won't be written for almost 2 years.  It will be titled "Open on your very last day," and inside will be the scripture in Matthew 25:21:
"His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."
In this letter will be documented all the many blessings we have seen in our son's life as he has served, and the many blessings we as a family have received, as a result of his having served a mission.  

I would also encourage anyone who wants to do this for their missionary to sincerely pray before writing these letters.  I know that I was inspired, without knowing it, to write some of the things I wrote in his first letter that ended up being *ultra pertinent* to what was going on in his first week at the MTC.

I hope you can be as inspired by this as much as I was!

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