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Highlights From Our Angels Camp, California Trip Pt 1

I know I am waaaay late on posting these photos, but better late than never!
I could publish a book on every family vacation that we take!  I love keeping a journal of the things that take place, and this vacation was no different.  It was so good to get away with the family, and enjoy doing only those things that we wanted to do!
Which mostly was:
and just being together as a whole family.

We left on a Saturday and stopped in Elko, Nevada where we attended a random LDS ward Sunday morning. 

What a welcome we received from the people here!  Everyone was so friendly in the Elko First Ward!  We will never forget them.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack up and head out!

We decided to haul our bikes, so we took two vehicles...Rick's truck...

 ..and Shey's car, which made a much more pleasant trip for all involved.
Sometimes 7 people squished into one vehicle, although bringing us "closer," can make for a loooonnngg trip!

These two and their mustache straws...  :)

The scenery was breathtakingly beautiful! 

 Soon, the road had many twists and turns and I was a little worried that Kade would get sick like he does on winding roads.  I turned to find him fast asleep, which was a blessing because the twisty road continued for almost 2 hours!

Explored a beautiful little creek...

Hiked a reeeally hot hike down to the Natural Bridges, but once down there, it was so worth the hot hike!  The water was nice and cool, and the scenery was beautiful!  Not many pictures of us tubing and swimming through the actual grotto because none of us dared take our cameras in.

Explored the giant Sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park...

And Shey took lots of great family photos with her sweet camera...

Met a local guy here at the taco bus...

who told us about a hangout for the local hippies - we decided we needed to check it out! Turns out it was beautiful! Spent the whole afternoon there, floating the river and enjoying the cool water, and Sam cliff jumping.  (Kash would have also cliff jumped, but was on meds for his tonsillectomy and under strict orders of no physical activity.) Didn't want to lose our cameras in the river, so no pics but these few...beginning with a "calling all hippies" selfie, of course.

Reminds me of a quote I've heard and seen everywhere:

"The simplest things in life are also the most precious."

The love of a family truly is life's greatest blessing!
I love these people of mine!

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