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Family Home Evening - Back To School Leadership


Even though this lesson is geared towards school aged children, it really applies to all of us, no matter our age.
For this school year I really want to emphasize to the kids that they need to be"leaders" and not "sheep" when it comes to making choices with their friends.

A Sheep: 
A Leader: 

Begin by telling this story:

 It was reported by the Associated Press that, near the town of Gavas, eastern Turkey, one sheep among a large flock walked to the edge of cliff and jumped to its death. A second sheep quickly imitated the first, also leaping off the cliff to its death. Then a third sheep followed. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. The AP reported that "stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff." When it was all over, 450 sheep had died and 1,050 survived, but only because those sheep that jumped later were saved as the pile of sheep got higher and the fall more cushioned.

 **The Point**
Sometimes at school, one person might make a bad choice or do something unkind to someone else, just to be mean or to get their friends to laugh at them.  Others might follow or even join in with him - like a sheep would.  Instead of being a sheep and following, step up and be the leader!  Have the courage to do what is right.  Help the person being treated unfairly.  Be honest when others are cheating.  Do the right thing and others will look to you as an example.

 Gather the following school supplies and put them in a backpack:
(This awesome idea comes from Tonii at Blue Skies Ahead)

A bottle of glue
A pair of scissors
A ruler
Some colored paper
A pencil
A notebook
Some crayons

Attach the following notes.  Then, pull each one out of the backpack, discussing what it means and how it relates to your children.  

Glue:  "Stick" up for kids that are being teased.
Scissors:  Speak only kind words, "cut" out any mean speaking.
Ruler:  Always obey the classroom and school "rules."
Colored paper folded:   Never "fold" under peer pressure.  Don't do anything you don't want to, just because others are doing it.
Pencil:  Respect your teacher and treat her the "write" way.
Notebook:  Take "note" of kids who feel left out or sad, help them feel loved and accepted. 
Crayons:  Make a good "mark,"  try your hardest to complete all the assignments and learn everything you can.

We will end with father's blessings for each of the kids as they embark on this new school year and followed by refreshments.  Tonight we are having "Twinkie Surprise" which for our family is just Twinkies topped with ice cream, nuts, and sprinkles.  

Happy FHE!

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