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Top Ten Reasons Why I "Love" Our Puppy

Do I love him or do I hate him? 
Back when he was this size, I think I really loved him!

  Ohhh he was cute when he was little!  But now that he's a big puppy, the jury is still out ...

All that same energy in a large puppy body is trying my patience to say the least.  Here are the top ten reasons I'm trying to "Love" him. 
Thinking positive.
It's what I do. ;)
#10.  Coming home to trash strewn all over my yard ... will keep me humble.


#9.  Large holes everywhere  ....less time I have to spend planting flowers, watering, and taking care of them.  Yard beauty is overrated.  This year, anyway.

#8.  Scratches all over my feet and legs .... I am blessed to have this earthly body!

#7.  Late night clean ups of chewed up puppy pillow .... good memories with the kids, (especially after the third pillow.) 

#6.  Instead of pepper spray tucked in my sports bra, I now have a real live running buddy - I think it's funny how he insists on holding the leash.  :)

#5.  Always a place for leftovers to go .... he is one power disposal!
#4.  Chewed out cup holders ......keeps my soda consumption down.

#3.  What once was this....
 Now looks like this.....

    Hence the reason for buying plants on clearance...
#2. Did I mention holes? 

Or should I say "trenches", I mean look at this baby!!!

Even exposing sprinkler heads!  Sheesh..come on dog...

And the #1 reason I "love" our puppy:  He is teaching us about life and death....as he brings something dead into our yard almost daily.  Ew.

I really believe that in another YEAR AND A HALF when he outgrows his "puppyness" we will really, really like him. 

Until then... here's to a little patience and long suffering.

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