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Removing the Olympic Sized Tonsils

No big deal.
Just a little tonsillectomy.  Kash can handle it.
He's had these annoying "Olympic sized tonsils" (according to the doctor) since he was a child.  We never had them removed  because some people in the natural health field, who I trusted, advised against it.  Looking back, I wish we would have removed them when he was little.

Live and learn.

After so many sore throats that lasted so much longer than any of the other kids, we finally went ahead with the surgery.
So after a quick vital signs check....

..and an unnecessary bathroom selfie...

..they led us to his room...

 which happened to be right next to the room Sam was in
 when he had HIS surgery on this bad boy...

...and then another one..

..on the other side.

Aaaaanyway..back to Kash.  After banding us,

a fun visit from my cute brother...

..a little love note from his mother..


..and a game or two...

 ..it was time to wheel him away.

I sat there wondering exactly what was going to happen inside that cute mouth of his.  Just then, my  brother happened back into the room and he said, "Let's look at the surgery on YouTube!"  

So we flipped open the laptop and watched a tonsillectomy on YouTube..

..probably not the best thing for someone like me to watch...

...but the surgery went well.  He was a little nauseous, but finally able to get up and walk, then come home.  

He is healing well, very sore, but healing well.  
I sure do love this kid!

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