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Family Home Evening - The Fourth Of July

Tonight's FHE lesson idea comes from Crystal at Everyday Food Storage.
I love everything about this lesson, right down to the part where she says she gets teary eyed at parades, she's MY KINDA GAL!!!
Click here to see the lesson.
Nothing makes my heart swell up more than a good old American Fourth Of July Parade!!!
I'm so thankful to live in this great country of ours, we are so blessed. 

This year on the 4th will be a little different for us.  I'm not sure exactly where we will be celebrating, but believe me.....
One thing is certain... there will be fireworks.  
Probably sparklers. 
Maybe even some junk food.
But for sure there will be tears.... as I sing "O'er the Land of the Free... and the Home of the Brave!"
Happy Fourth Of July week America!!!


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