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Family Home Evening - Sanctify Yourselves

Tonight's family home evening lesson is a good one on the Priesthood.  It has brought me to tears just planning it, as I think of my sweet husband and 2 teenage boys who are Priesthood holders.  I have adapted this from a lesson that my dear sister in law taught the 5 year olds in Primary yesterday.

First, we will briefly talk about superheros.  I will have my 8 year old, who knows them all, knows their names, their powers, and everything about them, name off a few and tell what they can do.  I will ask them if superheros are real or fake, and why.  We will talk about how flying through the air and lifting tall buildings is a power that is not possible for mankind to have.  However, there is ONE certain power that is real, and have them guess what the name of that power is....the power of the Priesthood.
At this point, I will show a short video clip of Jesus calming the seas, just the first 2 minutes of this video:

Following that, I will ask the 3 priesthood holders in our home to share experiences where they've been able to use their priesthood authority, and how it made them feel.  (If you do this, you may want to give them a little notice so they can prepare their thoughts.)

 I will ask the non- priesthood holding members of our family to share experiences where they have witnessed the power of the priesthood, or maybe have been a recipient of it's blessings, and how it made them feel.

We will end with this video, followed by refreshments.

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