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Family Home Evening - The Pitcher Tilts...

Several weeks ago, I was contemplating a certain lesson for my kids, especially my two youngest.  Turns out the older ones and Rick had to be somewhere that night so it was perfect, and I knew exactly what I was going to teach.
It happened to be a particularly bad day; I had to ask them several times before they would do something, they argued with each other, they nit picked just to get a reaction out of the other one, and it seemed like I was putting out little "fires" every second.  On top of that, I felt stressed with whatever pressures I had on me at the time which I can't remember now, and I was about to lose my cool on them.  So instead I served it up in a nice family night lesson. :)

I had them both lay on the living room floor while I held a pitcher of water over their heads.  I explained to them that the water inside the pitcher represented me, and that every little argument or squabble they had, every little scream, every little nit-pick, every little "mommm!" from the other room, the pitcher would tilt.
Then, I got real specific.  I told them an example, and said...
"The pitcher tilts..."

Another example.....and
"The pitcher tilts..."

Another example....and
"The pitcher tilts..."

Pretty soon they realized what was going to happen.
They look like they are having waaaay too much fun, don't they? :)

After several examples of things that had occurred throughout the day, along with specifics about what I was dealing with in my own life, (again, I can't remember what...but at the time I'm sure it was a big deal!) the water was just a'teetering on the edge of the pitcher!  I had to internally ask myself..."how far am I willing to go to make this point?"
I didn't end up pouring the water on them, but they did get the point.  I explained to them how mom has many different things to worry about and take care of in her day.  One of those things, is teaching her children and raising them to know how to get along with each other.  Once they've been taught, and then choose to be naughty, a mother can only take so much in one day before she really lets them have it!
(and when I say that, I mean reprove with sharpness...right fellow moms? And I will say sometimes I have reproved sharper than others.  wink wink)
 I also made the point that when that happens, it's usually not going to be fun for them.
We opened our scriptures and read Exodus 20:12
"Honor thy father and thy mother..."

Then we turned to Colossians 3:20 
"Children, obey your parents in all things..."

I told them that they should be glad we don't live in the olden days, and read Deuteronomy 21:18-21.

After our discussion, we ended with a game of what else but 
Mother May I?
The kids loved it, and I got my point across.  Now, all I have to say is ...
"Kids!  The pitcher is tilting....!"

Happy Family Night!


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