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Family Home Evening At The Retirement Home

Tonight, we have been asked to put on Family Home Evening for our local retirement home.  I am very excited because we have done something similar before, and had such a wonderful time!  One Sunday before Christmas, our family was in charge of the sacrament meeting, or worship service there.  The little old ladies there were so easy to love, and felt like we had an instant connection with them!  
So, when we were asked to do family night, of course we said yes!
We have been asked to keep it to only 15 minutes, so here is the brief outline:
Rick will conduct:
  1. Opening prayer: Sheylee
  2. Scripture:  Read by Kash.
  3. Song:  I Love To See the Temple performed by Calli and Kade (To see this cute performance click here.)
  4. Lesson:  Sam will briefly talk about how he is about to submit his mission papers, and he will read the neat story from last week's lesson click here
  5. Closing prayer: Me
Then, we will go next door to the movie theater and watch the movie Frozen, for the second time.

Happy Family Home Evening!


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