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Sam's Senior Picture Day


I've said it before and I'll say it again,

Today the 3 of us braved the cold weather to head outside and take some pictures of my handsome Sam before we begin the haircut process for his mission.  Here are just a few fun pictures of our day:

Got sidetracked and discovered this darling little house that Sheylee and I both want to buy,
good news: It's for sale!
bad news:  It's waaay out of our budget.

Got laughing hysterically at one of Sam's poses...

Couldn't stop for the longest time...cried all my makeup off, it was a good laugh.  :)


Stopped for some of Sam's favorite mints:

Got sidetracked and found ourselves at the Thrift Store:

Sam's a good sport... not his favorite thing to do..

Finished pictures, dropped Sam off, and stopped at Ulta!  Love that place!!..decided I LOVE this perfume, but hate the bottle..

Love this one, too!

Had some bad memories when I smelled this one...reminded me of high school...

It was a great day!   Cutting off those gorgeous locks of Sam's tomorrow!


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