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Sleep More

Ahh..it's the weekend!
Doesn't that feel good just saying that?!

There is a little sense of freedom and euphoria when Saturday comes around and we don't have to wake up early.  I love to just stay in bed and sleep as long as I want to!  (Or until one of the children wakes me up, whichever comes first.)  This morning, it was my 16 year old who woke me up to say goodbye as he headed out the door to go snowboarding. 

Life is so much easier to handle, when you have enough sleep.  When I had small babies, I understood this the most.  I couldn't sleep whenever I wanted.  My sleep was at the mercy of my little babies, and sometimes it was not fair at all!  Then, I would have to sneak in sleep into the little crevices of my day, where ever I could find fit it.  I remember one night, desperate for sleep to the point that my whole body ached, and hearing my little baby's cry ....again.... shot pains of dread through me.  I remember Rick and I taking turns with the baby, and discussing how we were willing to pay $1000 just to sleep as long as we wanted!
Thankfully, those times have passed. 

Mentally, you cannot be on your "A" game without sufficient rest for your body.
So, get more sleep!  There is lots to look forward to with this new year upon us, lots of things to accomplish.  

Like my mother used to say..
"Things to do, people to see, places to go!"

Or..pretty sure back then a few times it was, "Peaches to bottle, rooms to clean, and weeds to pull!"
(Love you mom!)

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