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My Thrift Store Outfit

Love a good deal?
Me Too!!!

My friends and family who know me best, know that I am an avid thrift store shopper.  I visit at least once a week.  My closet is almost entirely made up of thrift store finds, most of which have brand new tags still attached.  I'm picky though, and don't buy it unless it's in great shape, and I absolutely LOVE it. 

Back when I was single and living on my own, I had an idea in my head about a cute outfit for work.  I went straight to the thrift store men's department.  I picked up an olive green man's suit coat and pants.  (Remember this was in the late 80's, don't judge)
I came home, cut the pant legs off and folded and hemmed them about mid thigh to make cute cuffed shorts.  I cinched them at the waist with a wide belt, wore sheer black tights underneath, a white collared shirt tucked in, and the jacket over top. 
Darling outfit, for $6.

I wore that outfit SO. MUCH.
And got SO many compliments on it!
(pretty sure I was rocking some BIG hair, too!)

One day, I was walking to work, in this outfit, (this was before my then-boyfriend, now-husband bought me my first car) and as I was passing in front of an old lady's house, I looked over to see her out watering her flowers.  She hollered at me, and told me what a darling outfit I had on.  We talked for quite awhile about it before saying goodbye.  Later, I learned this sweet lady was Merlin Olsen's mother, Merle!!!

(picture of Merlin)
Very cool.
I see high-waisted shorts are so back in style right now.  
There you have it.  Cheap outfit idea.  
Have a great week and go find a bargain!

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