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After Christmas Detox Drink

If you are like me, you're feeling like you've had way to much chocolate and not enough good green food to balance things out.  Christmas was only a couple days ago, and in my opinion, it's ok to indulge in all of the yummy treats that make the season so delightful!  What would Christmas be without all of those delicious foods and treats? 

But now I need to bring things back into balance.
Exercise and wholesome nutrition starts again 

This is a perfect drink to get some greens back into your body and to begin flushing the "yuck" out of your system. Actually, a good detox is in order, but I'll save that for after New Years.  (More about my favorite detox later.)
I'll be having this for the next several mornings in a row.  If you've never had a green drink before, it will taste like you're drinking a pasture.  The more you have it, the more your body will begin to actually crave it, and the feeling of wellness it gives you!

   Click here for a handy printable.
Morning Green Juice

If you have a green drink in a powder from a health food store, those are very good, or you can use this recipe using whole food ingredients. Throw it all into a juicer, then sip slowly.  If you don't have a juicer, try blending it up with some water.
 Give it a try!  Like I tell my kids, "it's sooo good for you!"
Happy detox!


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